Tests of Will

Not everything requires bullets. Some things just need a stern talking to…to start with.

There are three offensive types (bluff, overawe, and ridicule) of Tests and one that isn’t necessarily hostile (persuasion). Attacking someone through a Test of Will is a short action (1 card). Defending is a simple action (0 cards).

Bluff vs Scrutinize
Overawe vs Guts
Ridicule vs Ridicule

The rolls are opposed roles, so pulling it off varies depending on your opponent.

Success | Unnerved
1 raise | Distracted (Unnerved)
2 raises | Broken (
Unnerved and Distracted)

The character takes a -4 penalty to her next action. This includes passive defenses if they happen to be the next roll.

The target loses her highest action card. If she has a cheat card, she loses that instead.

You’ve broken their will, for now. Draw a chip from the pot.

While there aren’t any penalties for persuading someone (peacefully) to see ways your way, the roll is still an opposed Persuasion vs Scrutinize. The more raises, the more convincing you are.

Tests of Will

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