Shooting and Tossing

The first step, the TN to hit is 5. See, nice and easy. Now granted some things make it harder, the target might be hiding, or maybe you are trying to shoot too many things at once. Before we get to that, lets get past a few more basics.

Weapon Speeds

Now most pieces are a speed 1, that means 1 action gets you one shot (assuming the gun is cocked and drawn). Now some weapons might be slower and take 2 or more actions to get a shot off. In this case you’ll have to spend one action per speed.

Rate of Fire
Once a weapon is ready/cocked you can fire it up to its Rate of Fire for each action you spend, assuming your not out of bullets. Don’t worry too much about this not many guns go pew that fast (yet). The one common Rate of Fire (2) you will find is a double barrel shotgun. You can yank both triggers at once and let loose a hail of shot might fast, but you best hope it kills the critter or you reload fast.


The target number to hit starts at 5, but the further away the higher that number gets. For every whole range increment away the target is, the TN goes up by 1. Shooting a rifle of range 10 at some one 36 yards away makes the TN 5 + 36/10 (always round down) = 8.

Making things Harder

The following will list up the penalties that will make it a bit harder to hit what you are aiming at. This modifiers apply only to range attacks. These penalties stacks, and are applied to the die roll, not the Target number.

-4 | Firer is running
-2 | Firer is mounted
-4 | Target is moving faster than 20
-Wound Penalty | Firer is wounded
-8 | (Concealed) Target is hidden behind something 4x as big
-6 | (Concealed) Target is hidden behind something 2x as big
-4 | (Concealed) Target is hidden behind something its size
-2 | Dim lit (night full moon)
-4 | Dark (night half moon)
-6 | Really Dark (night quarter moon)
-10 | Total Darkness
-* | Size Target is moving fast

When you can’t see what you are shooting, but know where it is, such as an enemy making noise behind a door. Use the penalties above.

The smaller the target the harder it is to hit, the good news is that the bigger targets are easier…. they just might take a lot more bullets.

-1 | Target is 1/2 the size of a man
-2 | Target is 1/4 the size of a man
-3 | Target is 1/8 the size of a man
-4 | Target is 1/16 the size of a man
-5 | Target is 1/32 the size of a man
-6 | Target is …really freaking small
+1 | Target is twice the size of a man
+2 | Target is three times the size of a man
+3 | Target is four times the size of a man
+4 | Target is five times the size of a man
+5 | Figure it out yet?
+6 | You are likely better off running, if you are faster than your friends.

Trick Shots

Called Shots
Now we will get into the specifics of the perks of hitting certain locations later, but for now lets just say sometimes you want to control where you are going to hit. When shooting you can make efforts to shoot a specific spot on your target by bumping up the TN some.

-2 | Guts
-4 | Leg or arm
-6 | Head, hand, or foot
-10 | Heart

Drawing a Bead
Aiming, not a bad idea really. When given the time a steady hand can make some impressive holes in some unfortunate ones. You can spend up two three actions aiming your readied weapon. No rolls needed for this one, just name your target and start spending the actions. Each action spent adds +2 to your next shootin roll against that target. The one trick, if you spend an action doing anything other than aim, the bonus goes away. If you get to your max three rounds of aiming, you can keep spending actions to keep the bonus at +6. Now then, you can’t draw a bead while shooting an automatic weapon, a burst, or fannin’ the hammer.

Fannin’ The Hammer
Fanning is a way of making a sort of automatic weapon out of your single action pistols buy slapping the hammer and a bit of praying. You need a free hand to start with. Simple enough. Now for the messy math part. You make your Shootin’:pistol roll like normal. Your rate of fire is 1-6 (I don’t care how many bullets your popgun can carry). Start off by picking your first target and sorting out your TN to hit that one. Got that figured out, remember you can’t be drawing a bead, but the brave few can make a called shot if they like. So got that number, now take a -4 penalty to your shots because you are about to be slappin your poor gun like a redheaded step child. If you get a single success you hit the first target. Each raise you get another bullet in the target of your choice, though any target after the first must be within 2 yards of the last one hit.

Now just because you called a shot on the first one, doesn’t mean each one after hit that spot. In fact, each hit after the first is always a rolled random hit location. Congratulations though…you likely just made a pretty show of sparks and smoke if nothing else.

Quick Draw
Drawing a weapon takes an action, cocking a weapon takes an action, firing a weapon takes an action…lets be honest not everyone has time enough for all these actions. If you are in a hurry you can try to speed things up just a bit and pull it all off without having to spend a single action. (simple action [0 cards])

TN 5 | Draw
TN 5 | Cock
TN 7 | Draw & Cock

Say you make a 5 but not quiet that needed 7, don’t feel to bad you did manage to draw the weapon at least. Go bust..and they might end up calling you The 4-Toe kid.

Rifle Spin | One-handed pump
Lever action rifles and pump action shotguns normally require both hands to work the action. Lets be honest, you won’t always have both hands, as sometimes you might be needing to use one of your free hands to keep your insides..well inside. In these cases if you can make a TN 5 Strength check and spend an action you and Arnold have one more thing in common.

Two-Gun Kid
Some people got more bullets than they know what to do with, some even have more guns to boot. Firing a weapon in each hand forces a -2 penalty to each shot…but hey it still only cost 1 action. Now then, Any action with your off hand is made at an additional -4 penalty. So for all your showing off you better be rich or good because your at a -2 to one and -6 to the other shot. Just holding a gun in each hand causes no penalty. If you were to shoot only with your off-hand the penalty is only -4.

Two-handed Weapons
Will keep this one simple, use a weapon meant for two hands, with only one hand and you get a nice -2 penalty for your efforts. Toss in the perk you also lose any defensive bonus wielding it with both hands might have given.

Sooner or later your going to need more bullets in the mongers than your little pea shooter can carry. When that time comes you best hope you have a steady hand for a quick reload. Starting off it is simple enough, loading one bullet|shell is a short action (1 card) with no roll needed. If for some miracle you have a clip based weapon, it is also a simple action to load in the clip.

Now then, when do things ever stay simple. Lets say you want to speed things up a bit. With a Deftness:Speed-loading check you can get things going a touch faster.

TN 9 | Load 2 rounds as a short action (1 card)
TN 11 | Load 3 rounds as a short action (1 card)
TN 5 | Load a spare clip as a simple action (0 card)
TN 5 | Load a revolver speed-load cylinder as a short action (1 card)

Now if you fumble a speed load of loading a magazine-fed weapon and fail your roll you manage to still get 1 bullet in for the action, just not your extra ones. Fail a clip or cylinder though and you are just left looking silly holding an empty weapon and a handful of bullets. Go bust…and well I’m sure the preacher might think of some nice words.

Having fun yet, don’t forget if you just loaded your weapon you likely need to cock it again which is another simple action without some “quick draw” shenanigans.

Special (range) Weapons

Now some rather take the approach of tossing as much lead in the air as possible over precisely putting a single shot where they want it. These are the kind of folks you don’t want to be up close and personal with when things turn ugly for obvious reasons. Shotguns are a highly indiscriminate, but they do give a +2 bonus to your Shootin’:shotguns rolls (just remember that indiscriminate part when you are shooting near former friends). The downside to shotguns is that the further the target is away, the less damage they do….but boy do they sting up close.

Touching | 6d6
1-10 | 5d6
11-20 | 4d6
21-30 | 3d6
31+ | 2d6

Now they aren’t common, in fact they just about don’t exist in most parts, but some ornery types figured out how to shoot a single chunk of lead from a scatter gun called a slug. Now since a scattergun isn’t really meant to use these your nice +2 to shooting becomes a sad -2 for your shootin roll. So why would you ever want to use one…well the damage regardless of range is always 6d6.


Now then, some men are still willing to pony up and just beat down whatever gets in the way. The rest are likely just out of bullets. There are two main types of fightin out there. Fightin with your fists (brawlin) and then fighting with stuff. Each type requires its own training. Now fists covers just about using everything on your body to do bad things to the other person’s body. Now as an added bonus Brawlin’ also includes such fun things as clubs, hammers, and other improvised type weapons like a chair. For the more sophisticated types Swords, whips, knives, and the like each fall under their own type of Fightin.

Now with shooting you have to account for distance, with Fightin you have to worry about how good your opponent is at fighting. Your TN starts at 5 again, but goes up by your opponents fighting score for whatever is currently in his hand (you don’t get to add your fightin:swords to your opponents TN unless you really happen to be holding a sword).

Simple enough, speed is the number of actions it takes to attack with a weapon or fist.

Defensive Bonuses
It isn’t the easiest thing to sucker punch a guy wielding a giant sword. To account for this some weapons add even more difficulty to the TN to hit an opponent. This only applies the TN of Fightin rolls though, Indy taught us well it isn’t that hard to shoot a guy with a sword.

Hand-to-Hand Maneuvers

Called Shots
Work just like above.

Rushing an attack
If you are in a hurry and have a speed 2 weapon, you can take a -2 penalty and use it as a speed 1.

Two weapons
Just like guns, -2 to both attacks when attacking with weapons in each hand, and another -4 to your off hand attack.

that about covers the basics….next up getting out of the way.


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