If you get to this point, you aren’t out of the woods yet. But hey, you at least get to try.

Healing wind, is that hard. A Foolproof(Tn 3) Medicine roll and 5 minutes will remove all wind damage. Otherwise, you get one back per minute of rest.

Real boo-boo’s aren’t that easy to sew up. The first trick, you have one hour to get to a sawbones if they are to be of any help. This ‘golden hour’ is the window where they can work their art to help you get better fast (most times). If you can’t make it within an hour, you are going to have some pain ahead and the wound heals on its own.

If you make it to a sawbones within the golden hour, they can make a medicine roll for each area with a wound. If they succeed on the roll, the wound penalty is reduced by one. Maimed limbs cannot be fixed by a sawbones, but they can stop you from bleedin all over at least.

Wound Level | TN
Wind | 3
Light | 5
Heavy | 7
Serious | 9
Critical | 11
Maimed | 13

The good news, the doc ain’t likely suffering from your nasty wound penalty. There is one universal rule for healing, regardless if some nature spirit, God, or doc is fixing you up. If they fail the roll when making a check to heal a maimed limb, that limb is maimed for life. Now i know what you are saying, yea there are some ways around this, but not everyone can find a magic lamp with a genie inside.

Natural Healing
A character will patch up on his own given enough time, if he doesn’t bleed out or get made dinner in the mean time. At the end of every 5 days the character can make a Vigor roll for each wounded area. The TN is the same as for when a doc tries to patch you up. If the roll succeeds, the wound level is reduced by one.


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