Spacial Heuristic Illumination Tester


Based on the theory that each element resonates on its own unique variable energy emenation when exposed to a ghost rock energy source, this handy device can help locate any traces of ghost rock in the area.

By placing a small amount of ghost rock in the reaction chamber, a user can determine how much and how close a source of ghost rock may be. The more ghost rock placed into the chamber the further a source can be detected, but the more distant the source the stronger it has to be for its enegy reverberation to be detected.

1oz 50yards
3oz 100 yards
1lb 500 yards (max size)

Using this bread box sized device is in no way subtle. When used an audible bang is followed by the devices unique sequence of bells and whistle to relay out the results.

[Reliability 17]


Spacial Heuristic Illumination Tester

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