Ghost-light Scope


A small hollow tube capped on each end with a custom treated lens made from a ground ghost rock and transparent aluminum, this bronzed scope coupled with a steady hand adds a deadly accuracy that might even give a Reckoner nightmares.

[Accuracy]: Properly fitted on a rifle, the scope adds 5 to the rifles range and +2 bonus to any visual cognition checks to find living things. Mounting the scope requires 1 hours time, and 20 – the result of your Deftness:Shootin"Rifles" roll bullets to be spent. [Reliability 20]

The following powers are active once the scope is primed by use of the magnesium ignition switch. Once primed the scope works for the next 10 minutes. The scope can be activated 5 times per charge. To recharge the scope it must be filled with ghost rock gas which requires a TN 5 mad science roll and 1 oz of ghost rock. Activating the scope is a speed 1 action, that causes a brief audible ‘wailing’ noise as the air trapped within the scope is excited.

[Extreme accuracy]: Giving you far better accuracy that the traditional iron sites, the scope seems to help steady your hands when aiming0at your target. You may spend up to four actions drawing a bead when using this scope. Each action spent drawing a bead with this scope does require a reliability roll. [Reliability 18]

[Ghost Light]: In darkness, the scope is able to detect the faintest light, and while blurry, it does allow you to toss lead in their general direction when others couldn’t even see them. If there is some ambient light, you may ignore the penalties for darkness while using the primed scope. While using the scope in any setting that would normally incur at least a -4 penalty due to light, you may not make called shots with the scope. [Reliability 18]


Ghost-light Scope

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